Restaurant Spring Hours

Hours at a Glance

Restaurant hours are in a state of flux.
With the decreasing numbers of COVID cases,
we are currently open as follows:

Mon   11am - 8pm light menu
Tues   11am - 8pm
Wed   11am - 8pm
Thur   11am - 9pm
Fri       11am - 9pm
Sat      9:30am - 4:30 pm *
Sun     9:30am - 4:30 pm *
* Hot dog stand w/ light menu
Note: Will OPEN for any
Party or Group

The Restaurant is available
for small parties, receptions,
special events, etc. as permitted.
  Please call the Restaurant Manager
at 585-261-2592
or 585-768-6000

Job Opportunities

The LeRoy Country Club Restaurant
has immediate openings for line cooks,
bussers, servers and dishwashers.
The positions are currently part-time
and becoming full-time in the summer.
If interested, please contact Barbie at
585-261-2592 or 585-768-6000.