Donald Woodard
Memorial Golf League

Week 8 Results (6/20/17)
  Low Gross    
  1st:   Rod Allen 38 $8.00
  2nd:   Bob Stefani 40 $3.30
  2nd:   Doug Cecere 40 $3.30
  2nd:   Aaron Philp 40 $3.30
  Low Net    
  1st:   Don McCoy   47-16 = 31 $8.00
  2nd:   Bill Vanalst   45-13 = 32 $6.00
  3rd:   Jerry Blair   44-11 = 33 $4.00
  Closest to Pin #7:    
  Aaron Philp 7' 5" $18.00

We understand that for some people, 5:30 will be close. So if you are running late and call the Pro Shop, you will be given til 5:45 as a grace period.

This grace period is being granted, please do not abuse it. As per the Captain’s meeting, it was decided that 2 grace periods per team for the season will be the maximum allowed.

Team 1 Bubba's Landscape Team 5   Smokin' Eagle
    Rod Allen     John Plossi
    Doug Cecere     Jon Marcello
    Bubba     Tom Mangefrida
    Jerry Blair     Jay Beaumont
Team 2 Cameron Brady Team 6   Kettle’s Gym
    Bob Stefani     Shaun Swanson
    Gary Mattice     Evan Gazza
    Bill Vanalst     Bob Bennett
    Mark Mattice     Don McCoy
Team 3 LeRoy Country Club Team 7   Tompkins
    Charlie Miller     Mickey Hyde
    Eric Stauffer     John Mangifrida
    John Lowe     Dick Robertson
    Dave Stella     Joe Condidorio
Team 4 Gilligan Electric Team 8   Lambert Jewelers
    Scott Collins     Greg Miller
    Dan Patmore     John Condame
    Joel January Sr     Colin Graham
    Matt Gilligan     Andy Lowe