History of the Club

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Expansion to 18 Holes

by Lynne Belluschio

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By 1936, the Barn, which has been converted from an indoor miniature golf course into a restaurant, and had not been a financial success, was being sold at auction. The gold course had been transferred from Don to his younger sister, Helen, who was a "devotee of the ancient and honorable game of golf."

Helen undertook a number of improvements. She built a "tidy little club house, completely equipped." Helen enlarged the course from a 9-hole to an 18-hole course. The work was begun in September 1935. Earl Seely was in charge of the 25-man work crew and it was mentioned that the work force was to be doubled in order to complete the work in time to reopen in 1936.

Five holes were added on the east side, adjacent to the Ribstone Silo Company. The other four holes were built on the West side, west of the present #6 hole. So with the financial backing, and determination of Donald and Helen Woodward, Le Roy gained its public golf course, so that as Donald said, people could play real golf on a real golf course.